Getting started with OnlyFans

Before we dive into the good stuff, I want to go over what OnlyFans actually is (for those of you who may be learning about this platform for the first time). OnlyFans is a social networking tool that you can use to charge your Twitter, Instagram, and FaceBook (FB) followers a monthly fee to view premium content. It basically allows you to create your own mini Netflix. It’s simple…produce great content and charge a monthly fee to view it! You can easily sign-up using your Twitter account or just your name and email, like many other networks.

Many people tend to think this is only for those who create adult content, but it’s not! This is for all content creators. If you take regular selfies (like every other human on earth) you can consider yourself a content creator. And you never know, someone might be willing to pay you to view them. So, if you create any type of content or you want to start creating content and making money from it, this is a great way to do it. Since this blog is about adult content my focus of this article will be aimed towards the people in that niche. But, keep in mind that this methods applies to every creator.

Here are some features OnlyFans offers:

  • Creator Percentage: 80%
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $20
  • Payouts: On-demand
  • Withdrawal Methods: ACH, e-payments, International Transfer (SWIFT), Paxum
  • Paid Messaging: Fans can pay to unlock more exclusive content
  • Tips: Earn even more money
  • Geo-Blocking: If you live in the US and you don’t want those viewing your content in another country (Ex. Canada) you can simply block that country.
  • Discounts
  • Free Trials
  • Earnings Statements
  • Fan Stats
  • Referral Program
  • Messaging
  • Muting
  • Watermarking
  • Notifications
  • Two-Step Verification

Now that you have a good idea as to what OnlyFans is and what they have to offer… I hope you take the time to click the link and sign-up before you finish reading this article. Remember there is a lot of MONEY to be made!

Click this button to sign up now!

After you make your account, it’ll be time to learn how to make that $10K a month using the platform. Here are the things you’ll need to get started:

  • OnlyFans account
  • Bank account
  • Camera/Smartphone
  • Twitter
  • Video editor (optional)
  • Snapchat (optional)
  • Instagram (optional)

Once you have everything to get started, login to your OnlyFans account and check out the different tabs they have.

  • My Profile
  • My Referrals
  • My Settings
  • My Statements
  • Add Card
  • Bank
  • Help and Support
  • Logout
  • Dark Mode

Click on “Bank” and complete the required steps. You’ll need to submit a W-9 to OnlyFans and add your banking information in order to receive payments.

Side Note: A Form W-9 is used by the United States income tax system and uses a third party (OnlyFans) who must file an information tax return with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It will ask you for the name, address, and taxpayer identification information of the taxpayer.

The reason you have to submit a W-9 is because you will be a contractor for OnlyFans. Any business that pays a contractor $600 or more during a tax year must report these payments to the IRS. It will then be your responsibility to pay taxes on the income you’ve earned. You can then to a local tax company and they can help you to file for your last years tax return. They’ll tell you how much you owe the IRS and how to pay.

After OnlyFans approves your banking information and you have submitted your W-9… you will be able to set a monthly price for access to your Only Fan (OF) account. Click on “Settings” and add your subscription price and save changes made. If you are brand new to this and you don’t have a following yet, I would suggest that you set your monthly price around $6 – $10. Then as you build your brand and following… you can start to charge more.

You can do a lot of things from the settings tab…

  • Username
  • Profile Name
  • Subscription price
  • Bio
  • Location
  • Website URL
  • Email
  • Keywords
  • Notifications
  • Security
  • IP and Geo-Blocking
  • Watermarks

Check out the settings tab thoroughly and adjust it to your liking.

The My Statements tab will probably be your favorite. Here you will be able to see how much money you’ve made and details about your earnings. This will also be where you can request a withdrawal to receive your money. The minimum withdrawal amount is $20. If you’re doing Automated Clearing House (ACH- which is like direct deposit) for your payments, it usually takes about 3-5 business days to be deposited into your bank account. You will also be able to see your payout request and your monthly earning statistics. This will help you to keep an eye on how you can continue to grow.

My Referrals tab is pretty cool too! Here you will be able to see all the people you have referred to OnlyFans and how much money they have made you. OnlyFans offers a 5% lifetime referral for everyone you sign-up to the site (that uses your referral link). It’s a great way to earn some extra money. Make sure you check it out and share your link! You can find everything you need for this in the referrals tab.

You can Add a Card to your profile so you can subscribe to other people’s pages if you want. If you ever have any technical problems, trouble with payments, ect… you should check out the help and support tab. The Dark Mode button is to change the color of the layout on your profile. The same way you can do on Twitter.

The My Profile tab is where you’ll be able to upload new post, check your notifications, and read/send messages. If you want to be successful with OnlyFans, spend as much time as you can on this tab. Continue to upload new posts and interact with your fans as much as you can.

How To Make $10K a Month with OnlyFans

Click here to sign up:

Now that your OnlyFans is completely set up its time to learn how you’re going to make $10,000 per month using this platform. This will not be an overnight task. It’s definitely going to take some work. But if you follow the steps I give and stay persistence you will reach that 10K a month goal!

Example: Let’s say you charge $10 to subscribe to your OnlyFans. You’ll need 1,000 fans to gross $10,000 a month. But then OnlyFans will take their 20% cut and you’ll really only be making $8,000. So, in order for you to get paid $10,000 you’ll need 1,250 subscribers paying you $10 per month. If you have 10,000 followers on Twitter or IG you only need 12.5% of your followers to subscribe to your OnlyFans page to make $10,000.

Creating Content

This is the most important thing you’ll need to be doing! CONTENT IS KEY!! If you spend the majority of your time creating content and promoting it you cannot and will not fail! Some people will like everything you create, some people will like some of the stuff you create, and some people will hate on everything you create. Zone all of that out and just keep creating and promoting! You will start to discover from your loyal fans what type of content you should create more of.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Solo
  • Blow Jobs
  • B/G
  • G/G
  • G/G/G
  • B/B/G
  • Anal
  • Deepthroat
  • Blow Bangs
  • Squirts
  • Hand Jobs
  • Gang Bang
  • Fetish
  • Bondage
  • Creampies
  • Interracial
  • Orgy
  • Soft-core
  • Solo w/ Toys
  • Foot Jobs
  • Swallows

Those are just a few of the things you could do to get started. You honestly could do nothing besides upload nudes everyday and win at this as well. It’s all up to you. Whatever you decide to do for content just make sure you do it consistently. Look at it like this, would you want to pay for a Netflix membership if they only had 8 movies, a couple TV shows, and uploaded new content sometimes? No, you wouldn’t! Feed your fans with consistent content and you shall be rewarded.

Editing Content

If you don’t know how to edit content or maybe you don’t have a computer yet… just know that it’s okay! You can still succeed by never having to edit one of your videos. However, if you can edit or take the time to learn some basic editing skills, it will give you a small advantage. Being able to edit can make the clip you shot on your phone look like a big production. Just adding a couple cuts and an intro trailer to your videos can take your videos to another level.

Here is a list of editing software and apps:

  • Windows Movie Maker – (Free & Paid) – Windows
  • Virtual Dub – (Free) – Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Pinnacle Studio 21.5 – (Paid) – Windows
  • Corel VideoStudio – (Paid) – Windows
  • Vegas Pro – (Paid) – Windows
  • iMovie – (Free) – Mac
  • Final Cut Pro – (Paid) – Mac
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC – (Paid) – Mac, Windows
  • Lightworks – (Paid) – Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Splice – iOS only
  • Quik – iOS and Android
  • Adobe Premiere Clip – iOS and Android
  • InShot – iOS and Android
  • KineMaster – iOS and Android
  • iMovie – iOS only
  • WeVideo – iOS and Android

You can easily hop on YouTube and learn how to use any of these.


I would highly recommend that you get your own logo created at some point. Remember you’re building a brand. All brands have a logo and that is what sets them apart from their competition. It’s also good for watermarking your videos and pictures that you upload. One of the best places to get a quick logo created is Fivver. It’s also not that expensive. So, if you don’t know how to create your own graphics my suggestion is for you to check it out. (You could also get an intro trailer created on there as well.)

Here is a list of graphic design software (if you decide you want to make your own graphics):

  • Adobe Illustrator CC – (Paid)
  • Adobe Photoshop – (Paid)
  • Adobe InDesign – (Paid)
  • Canva
  • InkScape
  • Auto Desk Sketchbook
  • GravitDesigner
  • OnShape
  • RenderForest Logo Maker
  • Pixlr

Once again you can easily hop on YouTube to learn the basics.

Uploading Content

If you make it your goal to upload content to your OF account everyday, you will already be way ahead of the majority who attempt this. Most people who read this and try it out are not going to be consistent with their uploads and it’s why they will most likely fail. Stack up on content like you would stack money. That way you always have something new to upload even when you don’t have the time to create. At the bare minimum you should upload a new photo everyday to your account then hop on twitter or Instagram and let your followers know.

Take advantage of the QUEUE tab. You can schedule uploads to automatically post at a certain time and date. Running a business requires efficiency and that’s what you’ll be doing with OnlyFans, running your own business.

Paid Messaging

A cool feature that OnlyFans offers that you should take full advantage of once you start getting some subscribers is paid messaging. The minimum amount you can charge for a paid message is $3.00. So imagine when you’ve hit 1250 subscribers and your making $10K+ a month that you decide to send out a broadcast paid message to all your subscribers and it cost $5 to open. If only 200 of those subscribers decide to purchase to open that message you just grossed another $1,000 off one message! It can really add up if you utilize this feature properly.

You should save something special to send out to your loyal subscribers once a week or month. I recommend that you test it out and figure out what works best for you!



Besides creating content and uploading it to your OnlyFans, it is just as important if not more that let your Twitter followers know as well. If you don’t learn how to market yourself and attract new subscribers you won’t make any money. This can lead to you getting frustrated and then giving up. You can create the best content in the world but if nobody views it then it’s just a hobby and not a business. In my research, the number one way to market adult content right now is on Twitter.

If you’re not familiar with using Twitter or how to build a following on there don’t worry, I’m going to teach you. Log into your account or easily create one if you don’t have one yet. The first thing that you’re going to need to do is make sure your profile is setup for success.

Here are the things you need to complete:

  • Profile Pic
  • Header
  • Bio
  • City
  • Website link

Profile Pic – You want your profile pic to stand out so choose your sexiest pic that is NOT fully nude. Twitter doesn’t like when profile pics have nudity in them. So make your profile pic sexy, just make sure you’re not nude in it.

Header – Make your header image sexy too! Or it can be just your logo with your website name on it… Or you can combine a sexy pic with your logo and website name on it for your header. That last option would probably work the best. The optimal dimensions for a Twitter header is 1500×500. I’m telling you this in case you decide to make one yourself or if you hire a graphic designer you can tell them what size you want your image to be. Make sure there is no nudity in your header either.

Bio – What you have written in your bio is important. Remember you are marketing and building a brand so you want your bio to be clear to the person that lands on your profile. You also want to put some type of “Call to Action” in your bio as well. A Call to Action is basically you telling someone to take some type of action, for example; Click the link, DM For Details, Check my pinned tweet etc.

Here are some examples of a good bio:

  • Hi, my name is XYZ | Adult Content Creator | 18+ | Click the link to see my exclusive content!
  • 21 (Age) | I love giving BJ’s | 18+ Only | Snap: XYZ | Click the link to see me naked.
  • Fetish/Solo/BG Content Creator | 18+ | Check my pinned tweet

City – It’s not really necessary to add your city to your twitter profile but people like to know where you are from/live. So if you feel comfortable and want to play into that, add your city to your profile too.

Website link – This is the most important thing you’ll need to add to your profile. You can easily add your OnlyFans link or you can buy a domain name and forward your domain name to your OF link. A domain name is a website name. Something like You can purchase a domain name for under $10 on websites like GoDaddy or NameCheap. The great thing about having a domain forwarding to your OnlyFans link is it sets you apart from the competition and helps with your branding. So, if you want to go the extra mile take the time to buy a domain and forward it to your OnlyFans account.

Posting Adult Content on Twitter

The first thing you need to do is go inside your Twitter settings and mark media you Tweet as containing material that may be sensitive. You do this so Twitter knows that you’ll be posting content that is for adults.

When it comes to posting on Twitter you want to master personality, interaction, and uploading content. If you focus on those 3 things your following will grow much faster than most. Give some personality, take time to interact with your followers, and upload content consistently.

Now when you upload a pic or video on Twitter to post use a caption that is catchy or seductive. You don’t need to post your OnlyFans link or domain name every time you upload a pic/clip. But make sure that you do post your OnlyFans link or domain name with your best pics/clips. It will make your page look more organic and not like a “in your face” sales page.

Completely Nude Post vs Tease Post/Thirst Trap

Posting completely nude content is allowed on Twitter. So if you want to post completely nude content on your account I say go for it. But my suggestion would be for you to find a balance between posting completely nude content and posting content that covers up your goodies with emojis or blurred out (tease post). They both provide value in their own way. A completely nude pic/clip will usually always beat the tease post in engagement. That leads to more people viewing your profile, following you, and then signing-up for your OnlyFans. But a tease post creates an air of mystery and makes people have to take action if they wanna see more. Master posting both ways and do it consistently!


Using hashtags in your post is going to help you get discovered in the beginning while you’re building up your following. Eventually it’ll be unnecessary for you to use them once you have a nice amount of followers. You don’t have to go crazy with the hashtags but you can if you want. Using just a couple in a post is cool too. The choice is yours.


A lot of content creators like to put in their bio’s “DMs are for business only” but a good marketer would never do that. Someone could hop in your DM as a speculator and leave as a customer. Beware of time wasters though. I suggest you go with your instincts if you want to respond to a person or not.

Unsolicited Di*k Pics

If you’re a man reading this and you send unsolicited di*k pics I would advise you to stop doing this! It’s a terrible way to shoot your shot and the majority of women hate when men do that. So ladies, if someone sends you a di*k pic that you did not request, just block them. You can also tweet out to your followers that “USDPs” are not welcomed. Some creators like to put “No Di*k Pics” in their bio’s. It’s all up to you.


If you have a OnlyFans account you definitely want to use Snapchat to help promote it too. Snapchat is somewhat “adult content friendly” so you can pull a lot of subscribers just from this app.

Side Note: A lot of content creators use Snapchat as another way to monetize their content via premium snapchat. If you’re interested in starting a premium Snapchat as a way to make even more money check out this site: or

Snap is pretty easy to maneuver on. You simply upload a pic or clip and it disappears 24 hrs later. Something cool about this platform for an adult content creator is that it automatically creates the “tease post” effect for you. This is simply because every post will delete on it’s own after 24hrs. Making your viewers eager to see more. You can easily attach your OnlyFans link or domain name to every post and I recommend that you do! On Snapchat it doesn’t look spammy to have your link attached to every post like it does on Twitter.

Use emojis and stickers to cover up your goodies to push the tease effect further. It’s not really necessary to post a fully nude pic/clip on snap unless you want to or it’s your premium snapchat.

If you mix together posting content consistently, talking to your viewers, and showing off your personality or everyday life, you will have the most engagement. This will lead to more people becoming a true fan of you and subscribing to your OF page.

Building your following on Snapchat:

The best way to build up your following on snap and get more views is by promoting your snap name on other platforms (Twitter/IG). You can start by putting your snap name in the bio of your Twitter or IG account. Take the time to upload posts that have your snapchat name/link in the caption too and you will see your views start to go up.

Another easy way to build up your following on snap is by paying for shout outs. Reach out to other girls that already get lots of views on their snapchat and ask them for a shout out. Don’t ask for this and expect it to be free. Be ready and willing to pay. So if you have some extra money to invest into building your snap this is a great way to do it.


I’m personally not the biggest fan of Instagram because of how strict they are on adult content. Putting my personal opinion aside, it’s still a great platform to gain new subscribers for your OnlyFans. Make your bio stand out the same way you did on Twitter and add your OnlyFans link or domain name to the website section.

Posting adult content on Instagram:

Do NOT post any nude content on Instagram, ever! If you do eventually your account will be suspended and you probably won’t get it back. Instead focus on posting your sexiest PG-13 pics/clips. What I mean by PG-13 is don’t go further than posting a pic of you in a bathing suit. Always make sure your goodies are covered up! I wouldn’t even recommend that you try to post a naked pic that has your body parts covered up with stickers or emojis (like you would do on snap). It’s too risky in my opinion. Instead, use the platform to push the tease effect even further by using your personality and saying risky things in your captions. This should keep you clear of getting your post reported and ultimately banned from IG. We put a lot of energy into building up our followers on these platforms, so be careful because it sucks when it gets taken away!


Hashtags are more important on IG than they are on Twitter when it comes to building up your following. I say this because it’s harder to get discovered on IG as an adult content creator because they don’t allow adult content. So you essentially are not only competing against other adult content creators but also all the “mainstream” creators too.. especially women. There are a lot of IG models, exercise models, and streamers that have hundreds of thousands of followers already and they will be posting the same type of PG-13 pics and clips that you’ll be posting. So in the beginning I would advise you to get your hashtag game up until you reach a point that you feel it’s unnecessary.

Another tactic I see people using is going back and forth between making your profile private vs public. I’m assuming this works because it creates an air of mystery. A potential follower lands on your account, reads your bio, see’s your sexy profile pic and wants to see more. So they hit the follow button and patiently wait for you to accept the request so they can see you better. If you have lot’s of uploads and are consistent with your post and showing your personality this will make them want to click on your OF link or domain name and sign-up once you’ve accepted them.

I have provided a list of accounts that you should check out to get some ideas from:


Hire A Team!

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Follow my advice and you’ll be on your way to making 10K a month with OnlyFans. This requires consistency and patience… but it will be well worth it if you stick with it.