How to sell your nudes & clips online

Things you’ll need:

  • Twitter account 
  • Instagram account 
  • Snapchat account 

It is now easier than ever to make money online, especially in the sex industry! Selling your nudes and clips online is extremely easy if your motivated and have the right tools. If your shy or don’t want anyone to know what your doing you can do this completely anonymous. 

The first thing you should do is decide if you want to do this with your current social media accounts or if you want to make new ones. After you’ve got that figured out if you really want to get paid selling your nudes and clips you need to make accounts on both of these sites:

OnlyFans: (Make sure you sign up when you click this link or the referral won’t go threw)

ManyVids (Click MV STAR):

Top earners on these sites make $17,000$20,000 a month! Your not serious about this if you don’t have accounts on both of these sites. The first site OnlyFans, is more membership focused. It works just like twitter only you can charge people a monthly fee to view your “timeline”. The second site ManyVids, is more about your clips. You simply upload a clip and set a price. 

After you get your social media accounts setup + your OnlyFans & ManyVids accounts done, it’s time to get to work!

You want to post new content on your social media accounts EVERYDAY! The key is to post “tease” pics and clips to promote your OnlyFans & ManyVids pages. If you really want to build an audience fast post the full version of a nude or clip every once in awhile for free. Your audience will really appreciate this and it will persuade them even more to subscribe to your OnlyFans page or buy your clips on ManyVids. This applies for Twitter and Snapchat only! Instagram is more strict when it comes to adult content so only post “PG13” content on IG. On twitter and snap though, you can be completely rated “R” if you choose to be. 

Now if your completely new to this your probably wondering how in the hell are you going to get followers in order to sell them your your nudes and clips? 

  1. Sex Sells Itself 
  2. You have me 

What do you have to lose?! If your still not convinced, here’s some motivation…

Also, please feel free to email me with ANY questions you have. I’m always available and respond to everyone.

Now it’s time to take action! 🤑


King22 (CEO)