1. Think of a niche you want to start with. A niche is a specialized category for a product or service you are trying to market. A few examples of adult niches include; MILF, BBW, Big Booty, and many more. It doesn’t really matter what niche you choose. However, try picking something that you don’t mind looking at or something that captures your attention.

2. Think of a unique domain name that relates to your niche. So, if you decide to use “MILF” as your niche… then you should pick a name that relates to that category. Examples; BigBootyMILFs.com, MILFSGoHard.com, FatBootyMILFS.com

3. Do your research. Check online to see if that particular domain name is available. If so, make sure to purchase it quickly. (I personally like to use NameCheap.com.  The domains are only $10.87 each and you get one year of  “WhoisGuard” for FREE.)

Note:  “WhoisGuard” is a privacy protection plan. Typically, when you purchase a domain name it’s public information. However, this is not the case if  you purchase WhoisGuard. With this feature, no one can see who owns your particular domain name. After a year, WhoisGuard is only $2.88 annually (with NameCheap.com). That’s a great deal!

NameCheap.com Sample Search:

4. Sign-up for an affiliate network. I personally use and recommend CrakRevenue as an adult affiliate network. They have hundreds of offers in every adult niche you can think of! This is the company that is going to pay you for promoting their offers. And the best part is… It’s 100% FREE to sign-up! It takes about 72 hrs before your account is approved. I have worked with this company for over 3 years now and have received many benefits by working with them.

Note: When doing any type of business I always use my personal/primary email. Therefore, I would recommend using your primary email when you sign-up. Remember this is a business. The minimum payout is $100. This means you have to make at least $100 before you will get a check sent to you. Fill out as much as you can and to the best of your ability. If you have any questions with the sign-up information you can always email me directly! I have the ability to assist with your account approval and am willing to help with any of your needs.

Email: (AdultMarketingXYZ@gmail.com)

Create a CrakRevenue account HERE!!!

Sign-up Example:


5. Create a logo for your domain name. You can go to websites like Fivver.com to get a basic logo created for $5. Or, if you sign-up for CrakRevenue through this website, I will personally create you a logo for FREE! Let me know if you would like my assistance with this and any ideas, colors, or special features you might like with your logo. (Please keep in mind that I will only create you one logo with only one additional revision for FREE.)

6. Create a new Google or Yahoo e-mail account. This can be the same as your domain name or something close to it. It is totally up to you. However, I would try to use the same as your domain name (if it’s still available).

7. Create Social Media accounts. You will need to use your new google/yahoo e-mail to create these accounts. Name the account the same as your domain name (or something close to it if your domain name is already taken on that particular social media account). You should try to do this for each of the social media accounts that you create.

Note: Social Media accounts you should sign-up for include… Tumblr, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

8. Once your CrakRevenue account is approved, it’s time to start making money! Take some time to navigate through your dashboard and explore their website (specifically their blog). You will definitely learn a few things!

9. Click on the “Offers” tab. Here you will find a list of CrakRevenue’s offers. Currently, they have close to 1,000 offers to choose from. Click on the “Offers” tab at the bottom to view the complete list.


Note: Once you click on that arrow you get a drop down list of all offers. It will tell you a few things about the offer immediately. The Name, Vertical, Niche, Targeting, Payout, and Payout Type. You can also click “View Site” to preview the landing page that you will soon be sending traffic to.


Definitions and Examples:

Verticals: Adult Pay-site, Apps, Background Check, Beauty, Binary Options, Cams, Casino, Dating, Entertainment, Gaming, Mixed, Nutrition, Survey, Sweepstakes, VOD, ect…

Niches: Amateur, Anal, Asian, BBW, BDSM, Big Boobs, Big Dick, Black, Busty, College, Double Penetration, EMO, GF’s, Gay, Hardcore, Hentai, Latina, Lesbian, MILF, Pornstar, Shamale/Tranny, Teen, ect…

Targeting: This means what type of traffic is accepted (mobile or desktop traffic). A lot of offers are responsive to both mobile and desktop.

Payout: This is how much money you will make when you make a sale.

Payout Type: There are different types of Payouts. PPS, SOI, CPI, CPM, DOI, MULTI- CPA, RevShare, and RevShare Lifetime. Checkout this link to see definitions of each of these Payout Types. (Link)

View Site: This will give you a preview of the offer you will be sending your traffic to.


Example of View Site Tab with Filf-PPS-Responsive offer:



10. Choose an offer to start promoting. You may notice on some of the offers that once you click on it, you will need to “request approval”. This means that CrakReveue is not going to let you start promoting the offer without testing your traffic first. This is mostly with SOI/DOI offers. These offers payout every time you simply get a person’s email. You don’t even have to make a sale! With most PPS offers you can start promoting immediately. These offers payout higher commissions than SOI/DOI. This is because you have to make a sale.

Note: You want to pick a offer that relates to the niche you chose. For example, let’s say MILF is the niche you’re using with the Filf-PPS-Responsive offer (like in the previous example). This offer’s payout is $55 every time you make a sale.***You have to agree to the terms before you can start promoting. Simply click on “Agree”.  Check out the example below…



Notes: Once you agree to the terms you will get a lot of options that pop-up.



11. As you can see, there are a bunch of different options. You can look at the banners and ads (link customization, post back options, etc.) that have been created for this offer  and use them on your website… if you would like.  However, the two most important things you need to worry about at this moment are “Your tracking link” and “Link Customization”.

Click on “Link Customization”. You will then get a drop-down bar with a few options. This part of setting up your account is important because this is how you’re going to be able to track your traffic & sales.

Why is tracking your traffic important? Because you want to know exactly where your sales are coming from. This allows you to scale your traffic and therefore income of money! You want to be able to look at what’s working and what’s not working.

Note: Once you click on “Link Customization” you will see some options that say Add your Sub ID 1, Add your Sub ID 2, etc. Here we are going to ad a unique ID for tracking. For example, type filfmilftumblr1 into the Sub ID 1. See example below…


12. After you type in your Sub ID, you need to copy your tracking link.



Smart-Links:  CrakRevenue (or CrakRev for short) also has smart links. Smart links are an easier/faster way to start making money. A Smart-link takes away the hassle of you trying to figure out what type of offer your traffic likes the most. So, with the smart link you can simply focus on getting traffic and let CrakRev decide what’s the best offer for your traffic.

First, click “I got it”.


Next, pick a traffic type (I prefer Dating). Then, add a sub ID and copy your smart link.


13. Now, forward your tracking link, login to your NameCheap.com account, and click “Manage” (next to your domain name).

Purchase domains on NameCheap HERE!!!


14. Once you click “manage”, you will get a bunch of options. However, the only one you need to pay attention to is “Redirect Domain“. Here you are going to paste your tracking link (the link that you copied to forward your domain to). You want to do this so when someone types in your domain name “FatBootyMILFS.com” it’s going to take them to your CrakRevenue offer and BOOM… you can make a sale! Paste your tracking link into the box and then click the tiny green check-mark to save.


15. Sending traffic to your domain name through Social Media. This is one of the most time consuming yet, rewarding steps to complete. Let’s go over each Social Media Account in detail now…

  • Tumblr

Now it’s time to log-in to your Tumblr account and prepare some post. This is going to be the fastest and easiest way to start sending traffic to your domain name and making money!

First, you want to make your logo your avi (your main picture). If you need a header you can get one created on Fivver or I can create one for you with your Logo… just ask!)

If you’re on a desktop click the pencil in the top right corner to complete your first post.


Note: You can upload pics, gifs, or videos to Tumblr. (Currently you may see videos on Tumblr but at times you may not. Honestly this is hit or miss. Sometimes Tumblr will allow you to upload adult content videos and sometimes they won’t. But, don’t let that stop you from trying.)

You might be wondering where your going to get content to upload to Tumblr? A big part of this game is circulated content. This means it doesn’t matter where you get the content from. Go to your favorite adult tube site for videos, download them, and re-upload them to Tumblr. Search through Google and type in some keywords like “Fat Booty MILFS” and download some pictures to then re-upload. You can even get pics from other Tumblr accounts and simply re-upload them under your account. The only thing that truly matters is YOUR LINK.

Once you’ve found a pic/video to upload, click-on the proper icon (Photo- if you have a picture. Video- if you have a video.)


These next steps are very important. Make sure you follow them accurately.

A. Add a caption.


B. Add some tags.


C. Add content source (Your Domain Name).


D. Add domain to pic/gif only (you can’t do this step if you are uploading a video).


E.  To add a post, click the arrow and it will give you a list of options. Then, select Queue to complete this step.


F. Repeat this process 299 more times! You can add up to 300 posts at one time to your Queue. Tumblr will then automatically post for you all day long.

G. Edit your Queue settings. I like my page to post at least 3 times a day. (That means if you add 300 post to your queue it will post automatically for over 3 months. This gives you time to build more pages.)




  • Twitter

I like to run my Twitter from my phone. (Keep in mind you can do all this from a mobile device or a desktop. Don’t think you need a computer to start making money.)

Twitter Steps to follow…

A. Log-in to your Twitter account on your mobile device.

B. Make your logo your avi (your main picture).  Again, if you need a header you can get one created on Fivver or I can create one for you with your Logo… just ask!)

C. Add your domain name to your profile.

D. Write something interesting in your bio. Example: “The MILFS with the biggest booties reside here!”

E. Create your first tweet.


F. Add a pic and caption


G. Tweet the post or save it as a “draft” to tweet later. (Saving as a “draft” is a way you can queue up your posts on Twitter.)

H. With every couple of posts, add your domain name in the caption. (But… don’t do this all the time because you’ll get flagged for spam!!! Every 3-5 post is appropriate.)


I. Follow people in the adult industry or people posting adult content. And… always be consistent with your posting! You will start to gain organic followers everyday.



  • Snapchat

A. Log-in to your Snapchat account.


B. Upload a pic/video from your camera roll.


C. Add a caption.


D. Add your domain name.


E. Share post to your story.



F. The best way to get new followers on Snapchat is to promote your “Snap Name” on your Tumblr and Twitter accounts. Do this daily and you’ll start getting thousands of views on your Snapchat stories. Which will then help to send followers to your landing page and allow you to make money!


Follow these steps I have provided and you will be on your way to becoming a VIP Affiliate who is making thousands of dollars a month! Keep in mind, this game is all about what you put into it, if you follow the method you will see results!

Check out the resources pages for all 3rd part sites mentioned in this article and a bunch of other helpful resources that will help your thrive in this industry.

Remember to email me if you have any questions, I’m here to help you succeed! (AdultMarketingXYZ@gmail.com)


Legal disclaimer: This article is for information only. Of course, I assume that you asked the content owners for permission or otherwise own the necessary rights to use the content. Adultmarketing.xyz does not endorse the violation of copyrights. Adultmarketing.xyz will not be liable for any copyright issues you might face. Do not get into child pornography, incest etc as they are illegal and immoral. Adultmarketing.xyz does not endorse anything illegal!